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Polpettone ripieno
Caponata di melanzane
Anelletti a forno
Pasta con le sarde
Panelle e crocchè
Broccoli in pastella
Sfincione siciliano
Macco di fave
Collorelle di ricotta



On Mount Etna
Your instructor for the hands on cooking classes will be Eleonora Consoli. She is the author of Sicily - La Cucina del Sole and many other cookbooks. The courses are held in her typical Sicilian home dating from the 18th century, in one of the most characteristic villages on the slopes of Mt. Etna. Classes will be based on well-known Sicilian recipes, paying
particular attention to pasta, fish and vegetables. Eleonora combines
the cooking class with the culture, traditions, habits and customs from
which the cuisine has evolved.

In Agrigento
Mrs. Silvia Di Vincenzo offers special cooking courses for her guests, in
which she emphasizes typical ingredients and tasty traditional recipes,
as well as revealing the little tricks of Sicilian cuisine. Her favorite recipes
are anelletti al forno (baked pasta rings), pasta con le sarde (with sardines), polpettone (Italian meatloaf), stir-fry “da strada” (“on the road”), and especially desserts with almonds or ricotta cheese.

In Ragusa
You will have Cooking Classes in the Eremo della Giubiliana, a luxury historic dwelling. The Chef will organize the classes depending upon the subject, as below: the cuisine of the Land’s aristocracy; the historical background, the farmer’s products, cheese and basic ingredients; Focacce, pizza and Sicilian arancine; Home made pasta and first courses; the old recipes of the fishermen. The class will take place in the antique kitchen of the Eremo and, in the wine cellar, inside the old crypt of the convent. At the end a food and wine tasting.

In Palermo
The Contessa Federico will organize famous cooking classes in the old kitchen rooms of Palazzo Conte Federico. You will go to the Ballarò street market and you will buy the ingredients for the cooking class. In the kitchen of the 13th century
palace the famous Chef Giglio will teach you how to prepare insalata di
arance (orange salad) with bottarga (salted tuna eggs) and swordfish, the
black risotto with cuttlefish... The lunch will be delighted in a torch-lit
atmosphere in the Torre di Scrigno.

In Erice
With the Chef Carmelo Tilotta we will go the market in Trapani in order
to select products as ricotta, dried fruits or seasonable vegetables for
our complete lunch.

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